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Wordle game is simple, yet addictive. If you like vocabulary games, you would love it. But it doesn’t leave out those players who want to use their analytical skills now and then. It’s a mix of both types.

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Worde is not just a game

Wordle is not a just a game. It helps you to increase your focus. It makes your mind sharp as strong. It also help to alot to reduce your daily stress.

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How to Play Wordle Game?

Your friend plays. Your colleague loves boosting his newly cracked word. Heck, even your boss is hooked on it. Even, no one is saving your mother from falling for it.

And here you are asking why! Why everybody is going crazy about the game? After all, the Wordle game is just a word-guessing game. What’s so special about it?

I can give you tons of answers as to why this game is so addictive. But the only answer that will satisfy you will manifest when you play it. So, go.

Play Wordle today. Don’t hesitate. A puzzle full of curiosity is waiting for you! But if you want to know how to play it and want to make your encounter easy and pleasant with it, you will find some tips for that too in this post.

Let’s get started.

What is Wordle Game?

I know you aren’t asking this question to know about the outline of the game. I know that you know. But if you want this overview to persuade your friend to start playing it, here is all information you should relay.

As its name says, Wordle is a game where you guess a five-letter word in five attempts. Seems fun and easy, doesn’t it? Don’t get too excited. Know that the starting point of this game is not that ideal. So, you will get five blanks to start guessing. If you get one or two green s letters in the first go, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Wordle Game – An Overview

So we have discussed that the game makes you guess a word with five letters. And you can have six trials to do so. You get only one such challenge in a day. Consequently, the game is updated every day.

Now it may seem wild. How would you know if you are progressing in the right direction? You will be relieved to know that the game helps.

First, you can only insert a complete legible five-letter word to get feedback from the interface. Once you have proceeded with this word, the interface will mark the letters of your word with three different colors. These colors are green, orange, and gray.

Green is the luckiest color in the Wordle game. It says that the letter is used in the game and is used in the right place.

Let’s suppose that you have put ‘s’ in the third space of your word and the game marks it green. It means that today’s word includes this letter and it includes it in the same place as you selected – third place.

Orange marks another Wordle hint that takes you towards the solution. The letter which you find marked as orange is included in the solution. Your task is to find the best place for it.

Grey is bad news. When you first enter the word, your worst outcome is a word that gives more than two grey letters. But don’t think that this letter is of no use for you in the next words because the grey mark tells you that the letter is not included in the word. Instead, these letters are the ones you would want to exclude from your next guess.

Now, you have to find more letters from the next twenty-three or more alphabets.

Wordle Today Versions

If you are interested in learning about different versions of this vocabulary game, you will be disappointed. The official game Wordle is only presented on the website of the NY Times and it has the same features as we have discussed above. You wouldn’t find a Wordle game that allows more guesses. Neither would there be a version including more letters than five.

And yes, even the number of words in a given day is limited. Did you know that Wordle only gives one word a day for guessing? Do you think it’s a setback for the game in question? Think again!

With all that said, you have guessed – or missed – your World word today and you want another fix. What other options do you have? Obviously, you would want another word to make up for the failure. Or you would want another dopamine boost that comes with accurately guessing the word.

No, don’t let your hopes up. There is no Wordle unlimited you can try to keep the mood alive. The creator wants to keep it simple and sustainable. So, it will remain free yet limited.

Yes, you will get lots of results for your searches like Wordle unlimited unblocked but those wouldn’t take you to the official daily Wordle. The scores there will not be added to your Wordle scorecard. And you can’t boost your win with your friends and family.

If you still think that the dopamine boost is worth playing the game, check out the last section of our post to see the options you have.

Wordle Game – A History

So, the game only allows the players to guess one word in a whole day! What does the creator think they will do for the rest of the day!

Well, they can fantasize about creating another similar game or meeting the creator. If it’s you, you can even think about getting the game as a gift from your lover. How would that feel? Just imagine.

Speaking about gifts and lovers, know that Wordle was originally created as a gift. You read it right. The creator created it in 2022 for his partner. Did you know the game is less than seven months old as of today?

Josh Wardle is the creator of the game. You must have noticed the similarity between the two names – Wordle and Wardle. His partner, Palak Shah loved crosswords. And he wanted to add some twists to the traditional crossword puzzle.

Did he succeed? Most people will say that he did. After all, if the game wasn’t intriguing enough, why would millions of people around the globe play it daily? It was such a success that the NY Times bought it within the first 100 days of its birth!

But what were the features that made it so popular?

Why is Wordle So Popular?

If you are wondering why Wordle is so popular, you are not alone. Many people look at the simplicity of the game and get baffled by the numbers connected with it.

How can word guessing be so intriguing?

Luckily, the game is so popular that researchers are concerned too. And they have found the reasons behind its fame. Are you ready to know the reasons?

It’s addictive. You only get one word in a day. And this is the only chance you get to score a win. If you win, you want to recreate the win you have recently scored. But if you lose, you want to make up for the loss.

Either way, you start waiting for your second chance. This wait keeps you in the loop making you addicted.

It’s super simple. Although the simplicity only appears in its layout, you want to believe that the whole game is simple. This false belief leads you to a false hope of winning. And when you fail at guessing the word in given trials, you feel your ego hurt. This feeling challenges you to try the next word when it comes.

It’s a matter of ego. The popularity of the game fuels the players’ ego tied to this game and this ego inflates the fame of the game. You have to show off to your colleagues, friends, and siblings how intelligent you are by successfully guessing the word before anyone else. In other words, the social nature of the game lets you hooked on it.

It’s not based only on guesswork. You have to do more than just guesswork to succeed at guessing the right word in the Wordle game. Analytical thinking, problem-solving, and vocabulary are the three drivers of success that build your Wordle career.

This deviation from the guesswork makes the game even more fun and addictive. You can learn to increase your chances of success in it!

This game is attractive for people with a stronger right brain. This is because of its focus on words and vocabulary. So, if you are good at art – especially the language art – you will like this game for satisfying your need for learning and experimenting.

Those people who have more developed left brains would like it because of its need for analytical thinking. Sometimes, you have to note the presence of letters and only arrange them rightly to get to the answer. As the game appeals to both types of players, it has a wider variety of users.

It doesn’t ask for your private information. No email details are needed. And you don’t have to download the app on your device. You can simply visit the game at the NY Times website and play the Wordle game online. Lack of commitment prompts people to start easily. And then they can’t leave. That’s that immersive.

Why is Wordle So Hard?

It seems simple but when you start playing it, you don’t get your answer right after the six trials and you get flabbergasted. Why is the game so hard?

Before we discuss the factors that make this game a hard thing in your daily schedule, let’s appreciate how harder it could be. Yes, the game could be harder if the number of letters in its word were smaller or larger. So, if the creator had used three-letter words instead of five-letter ones, even six attempts wouldn’t have connected you to the solution. It will take more attempts to get a green letter. And orange letters will also be hard to come by. Making it easy for you to run out of moves quickly.

If the word used more than five letters, the chances of repeating the letter would have increased making word-guessing difficult.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that at five letters, these words are as easier to guess as they could be.

Still, at five letters, a Wordle word is as difficult as it can get. Only a small portion of lucky players can get more than one green letter and an orange letter in their first go. So, they have to make another guess and then another to get a hang of the word.

After three attempts the word may start making sense for people of moderate strategy and luck. After that, you can use your analytical skills to crack the solution.

Wordle Tips and Tricks

If you are just starting to play the game, you can easily get overwhelmed by the starting point. What to put in the first five blanks you get that can get you the most hints (read: orange and green marks).

Luckily, some letters increase your chances of success at the first guess. From there, guessing will include more technical skills of analytical thinking.

First of all, you should use a word that combines the most used consonants. In everyday language, we use some letters more than others. These letters that are used more frequently than others include R, S, T, L, and N. E is the most used vowel if you want to know.

Using these letters, a few choices that will make good starting five-letter words are STERN, TEARS, TAINT, and RENTS. Can you see in these examples that you don’t have to stick to singular forms of these words? Instead, using plural forms in the first attempt allows you to complete the first word and get hints to continue playing.

These words should give you three or more orange letters in your first guess. If you are lucky, you may even get a green mark. But even orange marks will help. Even if you have gotten only two right letters – orange letters, you can still proceed with reasonable chances of success.

Rack your memory – or a word database – with five-letter words containing these two, or more, letters. Ignore those options that include gray letters and you will get a smaller pool of words to try. And ignore those words that use orange letters in the places you have put them earlier.

What I will do next is to only use that word from the pool that contains as many most-used letters as it can. This should give you some more orange marks. If you are lucky, you would also get a green mark exponentially increasing your chances of accurate guessing.

Plan ahead. You can take as much as you want to enter the next guess. Consult a dictionary. Use a word database. Or rely on help from family and friends. But never deviate from the orange and green marks you have already obtained from guessing.

Don’t forget that a letter can be used twice in a Wordle word. So, when all options are exhausted, you can check those words that have repeating letters to get to the word.

One great tip for the Wordle players is to play regularly. Like any other game that boosts brainpower, Wordle will increase your analytical thinking and planning skills. You will also learn new words and generally increase your word power.

Use Wordle Archive to practice even more. The score you get from the archive will not be included in the scorecard that you share on social media. Are you assured now? So, play at your heart’s content and let your brain develop new pathways.

So, these were all the tips that can help you guess the Wordle word today. You may also get some tips every day from the likes of Forbes and TomsGuide. But would you like to? Will it not kill the fun? Yes, people will believe you when you boost your scores on social media but what about the intrinsic value of this pride?

So, stop there if you are typing Wordle game today in the search bar and use some positive options like consulting a dictionary.

Wordle Game Alternatives

So, we have talked about Wordle – a daily word game. But that alone doesn’t satisfy our need for fun, analytical games, does it? How can we guess more than one word in a day?

Luckily, the popularity of Wordle has prompted other people to develop similar games. Some are a replica of the daily Wordle game with some changes in social media acceptance, of course. While others include some twists.

For example, you may find that they ask about three-letter words rather than five-letter ones. Some have gone too far to bring further innovation to the idea and have used Pokemon characters as inspiration.

But you are here because you want to play the exact replica of the Wordle game, am I right? If so, you wouldn’t want to look at a game with changed game rules. Here, we shall cover four games that will keep you satisfied after you have a decisive win or loss from the official Wordle game.

I am also including a last one for those fans who love geography.

Wordle Unlimited Unblocked

It’s not an official Wordle game and you aren’t going to get sharable wins. But when you intend to enjoy the game only, you wouldn’t think about sharing much, will you?

When we said it’s a replica of Wordle, we meant that it uses five letter words and gives six trial attempts. Like Wordle, it’s a browser game which means you don’t have to download the application.

Once you have successfully guessed the answer or when the answer is revealed after six trials, you can move on to the next word. They called it unlimited because of a reason, you know!


This is another clone of Wordle with six attempts, five-letter words, and a browser option for playing. It has a fun interface that is taken from a classic Mario game. So, you are bound to feel nostalgic from time to time.

Wheedle allows the users to upgrade levels which can indicate an increase in difficulty level with each attempt. But you have to play it to know for sure.

Hello Wordl

This game’s interface matches Word. You get a plain background and the words are marked in green, yellow, and grey. Below it, you get a QWERTY keyboard that remembers the options for you. Again, you get six attempts and five-letter words to guess.

Word Master

If you don’t mind changing the interface but are only interested in getting the high you would get from a win, you can check out Word Master. You wouldn’t get a colored theme as you got in Wheedle. It’s a beautiful white with bubbles for inserting letters. Like any other Wordle spinoff, it comes with a QWERTY keyboard to remember your choices.


Read it again so you don’t take it as another Wordle. It has an ‘l’ before ‘d’. Why would they use ’world’ in the game name? It’s because they want to show the game’s connection with world geography.

Unsurprisingly, for those of you who love geography, this game will be a perfect dopamine fix. Know that the game is not a letter guessing game. Instead, you will be guessing a country or region in six attempts.

Take Away

Would you love this game? The only answer to this question is that you have to try for yourself. Don’t blame me if you get hooked on it though.

Don’t forget to share your achievements with your friends and build a community. 

Wordle Today

What is Wordle Game?

I know you aren’t asking this question to know about the outline of the game. I know that you know. But
if you want this overview to persuade your friend to start playing it, here is all information you should
As its name says, Wordle is a game where you guess a five-letter word in five attempts. Seems fun and
easy, doesn’t it? Don’t get too excited. Know that the starting point of this game is not that ideal. So,
you will get five blanks to start guessing. If you get one or two green s letters in the first go, consider
yourself extremely lucky.

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